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We Have Catrikes in Stock!  Eola, Expedition, 700, Pocket, Trail, & E-Cats (Call for colors & status 11/20/20)

Select From 50+ Trikes In Stock

We typically have 50-60 trikes in stock.  If a customer decides on the trike preferred, they can often leave with their favorite model & color the same day.


We have every model of Catrike in stock, many models in several different colors.

We were a Top 25 Catrike Dealer in the USA for 2017 & 2018.


We have 4 TerraTrike models in stock, including the BOSCH Electric Vehicle Option (EVO) E-Assist model.

HP Velotechnik Trikes

We stock the Gekko in 20" and 26" versions. 

Hase Trikes & Bikes

We stock the Hase Kettwiesel, a very stable delta trike with 2-wheel drive for superior traction on slippery up-hills.

GreenSpeed Trikes

We stock the GreenSpeed Magnum XL, a swift trike for the larger rider.  This trike is designed to accommodate riders up to 450 pounds.  We also have the awesome Magnum hand trike! 

Trident Trikes

We have 3-4 Trident models in stock, including  Terrains, E-Terrain, & E-Trekker.