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Trike Need Fixing?  Try our SHOP VAN Pick Up Service!

Select From 50+ Trikes In Stock

We typically have 50-60 trikes in stock.  If a customer decides on the trike preferred, they can often leave with their favorite model & color the same day.


We have every model of Catrike in stock, many models in several different colors.

We were a Top 25 Catrike Dealer in the USA for 2017 & 2018.


We have 4 TerraTrike models in stock, including the BOSCH Electric Vehicle Option (EVO) E-Assist model.

HP Velotechnik Trikes

We have 3HP Velotechnik models in stock, including Gekkos and Scorpions.  Many customers use the HP "Konfigurator" to specify the unique trike they desire.

Hase Trikes & Bikes

We stock the Hase Kettwiesel, a very stable delta trike with 2-wheel drive for superior traction on slippery up-hills.

GreenSpeed Trikes

We stock the GreenSpeed Magnum XL, a swift trike for the larger rider.  This trike is designed to accommodate riders up to 450 pounds.

Trident Trikes

We have 3-4 Trident models in stock, including Spike, Spike 2, Stowaway and the Terrain Fat Tire Trike!

Sun Trikes

We stock the SunSeeker Eco-Tad trike.