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Friendly Expert Service & Repair

We are trike & bike service & repair specialists, and when we say “Friendly” and “Expert” . . . we really mean it.  Regardless of where you purchased your trike or bike, we will be happy to make repairs and adjustments. We love to work on trikes and bikes – that is how our shop got started!

We look forward to servicing your trike or bike. Feel free to watch us while we do the work!  Many customers tell us our standards of precision and care are the best they have seen.

Feel free to bring your trike or bike in any time.  You can always leave it with us for convenient later pick up.

4 Full-Service Bays

We have four (4) large, fully equipped and well- organized service bays in the shop, plus a (5th) mobile tool cart we roll out into the parking lot for test ride adjustments. We frequently install or create special adaptations to make trikes work for individual needs – such as different length crank-arms, special gearing, unique pedals, special rack & basket configurations. We will happily discuss with customers unique ways of configuring trikes to work best for individual requirements.  

Torque Measurement

We have developed proprietary Torque Spec Checklists for the fasteners on all of the trikes & bikes we carry.  Our mechanics are continually using torque wrenches and the checklists to get every fastener tightened just right.

Precision Wheel Work

When working on spoked wheels, our work is always done with calibrated spoke tensiometers – there is simply no other way to get wheels to be strong & reliable.

Thread Lockers

We apply various types of thread-locker to many trike fasteners to assure they stay tight.  Unlike bikes, trikes tend to shake fasteners loose.  Use of an appropriate thread-locker is a necessity for many trike fasteners.