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E-Trike Questions & Answers

How far will the battery go?

It depends. On each E-Trike there are weight factors of the rider, the trike frame & components & accessories, the drive unit, and the battery. Then there are efficiency factors in 'draggy' bearings, brakes, tire inflation, wind resistance, and poorly chosen gear ratios. There is a factor in the amount of power available from the battery.  Finally there is a factor in the assistance level selected by the rider.

If you conserve your battery by leaving it turned off some of the time, it may go for weeks and hundreds of miles. On the other hand if you require the battery to do most of the work while set to the maximum assistance level, it may only last an hour for 20 miles. Your real-life mileage will vary a lot.

Do I have to pedal?

You generally do have to pedal to get started from a dead stop.  Once you get moving, 'throttle' equipped models will keep you going even without pedaling, while non 'throttle' equipped models will stop assisting you if you stop pushing the pedals.