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Test Ride 25+ Demonstrator Trikes

There is one sure way to identify the trike that is right for you.  Make an appointment with us to test ride a number of high-quality trikes, one after the other!  Start with 4 to 7 different-model trikes, any of which would work “OK” for your body & type of riding.  Narrow down your preferred choices to 2 or 3 and then test ride those few again, one after the other.  Compare them side-by-side for comfort, stability, features, & performance.  Pretty soon you will confidently select the best trike for you.

Feel free to walk in any time for a test ride, or you can always make an appointment for a certain time.

Test Ride Appointments Available

All Demonstrator Trikes Are Equipped For Easy Adjustment & Safety

Chain Tensioner For Easy Boom Adjustment

Heel Sling Pedals For Safety

Demonstrator Trikes -- Ready To Test!

John’s Trikes & Bikes has over 25 different demonstrator trikes ready for you to compare.   We also have demonstrator trikes with “E-Assist” (electric motors to aid in pedaling).


We have demonstrator trikes ready to test in all Catrike models.  We also have 2-3 with different E-Assist kits.

We were a Top 25 Catrike Dealer in the USA for 2017 & 2018.

Inspired Cycle Engineering Trikes

We have demonstrator trikes in 5-6 ICE models, including 2 models with E-Assist.


We have demonstrator trikes in 5 TerraTrike models, including 2 E-Assist models, and Tandem Pro recumbent "tadpole for two!"

HP Velotechnik Trikes

We have demonstrator trikes in 5 HP Velotechnik models, including an E-Assist model.

Hase Trikes & Bikes

We have 2 demonstrator trikes in the Kettwiesel models.

GreenSpeed Trikes

We have a demonstrator trike in the GreenSpeed Maxnum XL model.

Trident Trikes

We have demonstrator trikes in the Spike tadpole and Jouta delta.

Sun Trikes

We have a demonstrator trike in the SunSeeker Eco-Tad model.