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Test Ride Appointments Available

Please call us in advance (972) 227-7360 to schedule a 1 or 2 hour test ride appointment with one of our Trike Specialists. You will experience Lancaster’s Historic Town Square and ride in the surrounding neighborhood of historic homes. There is little vehicle traffic, so you can relax and enjoy the process of testing trikes.

An appointment allows uninterrupted time for you to tell us about the kind of riding you would like to do, and any physical sensitivities that need to be accommodated. There is no obligation to buy, and you will not be pressured in any way.

We typically schedule appointments for Monday through Friday or Sunday afternoon. On Sundays the shop is not open to walk-in customers, so Sunday appointments are particularly relaxed.  

With your input we will identify 3 or 4 trikes for you to consider and explain why each might work well for you. We adjust each trike to fit you, so that you can make a fair comparison. Trikes vary widely in their features, fit, and feel. For example, seating positions & seat suitability vary a great deal among different models of trikes.

Each test-ride trike is outfitted with front & rear blinking lights, a bright safety flag, and heel-sling pedals to safely secure your feet. A test-ride helmet is provided adjusted to fit you. You will receive unhurried instruction on how to operate the trike safely. One of our trike specialists may even ride along beside you to provide answers to questions that you may have while riding.

We hope that you call soon to make a test-ride appointment -- your first step toward a terrific cycling experience!

25+ Demonstrator Trikes Available For Test Rides